The Heart Beat of the EISports program is the players that we work with. Weekly this sees us supporting the early development of children from the age of 4 right through the early years into teenagers and all the way through to Senior Professionals partnering with a number of League of Ireland Clubs in the process with the development and performance levels of their players in both the Mens & the Womens games. Whether it is simply to improve your child's level to play locally & enjoy their game or if they have ambitions to play at a higher level then we can help, or maybe they have bigger dreams to even use their soccer skills to gain a Sports Scholarship in 3rd Level both in Ireland or abroad then we have the skill set required to help them each step of the way!

Coaching Experience based over 24Years, stacked up with continuous Learning & Development both in Football & Universities here and abroad, we know what it takes to achieve the best that you can be. We also know that the vast majority 99% will always just play for fun so first our program will always be Fun4All, and then we support the ambitions of the player thereafter who wants to achieve more.