Learn when to train and push the Strain by using a Whoop!

As Coaches being able to meet the demands of over 1000 sessions per year comes with the necessity to not only be fit and healthy but also to be able to manage your own load, recovery and stress. So to do this we chose Whoop as our partner to maximise the time we get to spend on the pitch with players delivering our best in each and every session.

So for Professional Athletes, amateur players,  youth players over 13 or parents, why not try change your fitness outlook in 2024 and put more focus on managing your own health, recovery and performance. Being able to perform at your best every day is very difficult but being able to identify what works for you and what doesn't is critical such as sleep recovery, too much work , incorrect food or exercise, a little help will certainly make a difference. 

As parents we know the daily demands of home life, the running from A to B, school runs, sports every night,  work life balance, bills, trying to make time for fitness ourselves and all round being the best we can be, everyone tries but some times each day rolls into the next and before you know it a month has gone by or another season has changed, that spring you wanted to start in has become summer and once again we wonder where the time has gone.  For us, whoop just allows us to focus on time, focus on what we do each day both for ourselves, our health and fitness goals and being fit and healthy in general. Being able to step onto the pitch every day and give players our best is critical to what we do so making sure we recover, sleep and push hard when we are able is the goal. Whoop is most definitely Worth trying for a month for free with our partnership and see can it make a difference for you , but genuinely in that time, assign time for you, your fitness and get the family active together.