Elite Irish Speed 4 Sport Ltd was set up to focus on the necessities of coaching in sport today.  We are the coaching innovators to the Irish Market bringing the best and newest products to the market to enhance Player Game Intelligence and speed. We have a background in both competing and coaching at an Elite Level in sport for 20 years. Whether that is a training session rising at 4am for a 5am splash or training 20 hours per week in order to give your all to your sport, we have done it. Whether it is working with development players or elite players who have ambitions of pursuing a career in sport, we have worked with them.  If that was applying your passion in sport into a 3rd Level Qualification, our team has chased their passion.  Let us invest our time in you in 2018 to pursue your goals.

Our program has not been set up to copy any other , it has been formed piecing the athletic jigsaw of player development together and putting the best technology and testing behind it. We do not focus on just one point of player development, we adjust our program groups based around the development requirements of that group and the individuals within it. 
The basis of any program is the technical requirements for the sport and then building on the performance levels.

We have a range of programs from a Technical & Speed Soccer Academy, Speed Specific Coaching Program and Soccer Coach Education for clubs. 

Our Speed Specific Coaching Program is a program focusing on Speed mechanics and agility training for players & athletes. 

Sessions focus on speed development through cognitive work and multi directional training. This is multi sport focused, so regardless of what team you are and what sport you have chosen to specialize in we make it our focus to help you develop to maximize your performance. Whether you wish to be part of our speed based program or prefer group training, we can accommodate you.

A very important piece in Player Development is an opportunity to  be as professional as you can in your sporting environment so whether you are an individual Player looking to train in a Professional Club program for a week, a club looking to gain access to a Professional Club for a unique player development experience then our program with Generation Adidas International is for you.

We have Partnerships with a number of Leading brands to bring the best technology to our Player Development Program such Playertek, Soccer Lab, adidas , Generation Adidas International,  Exerlights, Bazooka Goals & Quickplay Sports. Delivering the Best so our players can achieve their Best is our goal.