EISports Partnership Announcement

It's Official
From Training to Game we have you covered!

We have signed a 2 Year Agreement with PLAYERTEK by Catapult the market leaders in Player GPS.

PLAYERTEK is the revolutionary GPS athlete monitoring system for coaches and scientists to help coaches make more informed decisions to improve an athletes’ performance.


PLAYERTEK, the revolutionary wearable GPS tracker for competitive team sport. Track & Improve performance then raise your game.

As we have been recording Speed Increases in our program of between 16 & 22% over a 24 week period, now we feel we must look at the impact that this level of speed increase has on a players overall performance with their club.

Starting from September our Senior Players from Group 1 & Group 2 who have been training in the program since September 2016 will have access to a whole new level of Program with the Introduction of PLAYERTEK which will be coupled with our new professional Player Management System Soccerlab as used by clubs such as Ajax & PSV.

These players will then begin to wear the PLAYERTEK system on a weekly basis with their clubs to manage and support their development. We will have a daily upload when players come into our Training Hub and be in a position to show them all the stats from their game and the heat map of the actual match they played. On top of that players will have the option of bench marking their performance against either Professional Players playing in the same position as them or even more relevant and important, looking at their results against Players in Professional Academies. Still bench marking against a professional player would be cool from a learning perspective to see if a player moves into the same area of the pitch like their idols.

For our Partner Clubs , PLAYERTEK will be a very exciting addition to our already very popular Coach Education sessions. These will become part of our session layout so we can confirm the data of player movement and distance and speed within Sessions! Not only will managers get the sessions but they will now get the data to back up how far players can travel within these sessions. We recognize that it is not necessarily feasible for clubs to purchase these kits on a scale such as we are doing but it will give they key data for setting out their session plans and we are very happy to share that type of data with our Partner Clubs as it can only help with the Periodisation plan for the managers.

PLAYERTEK now represents a real step for Player Development and ensuring that in this era of Technology those Coaching can back up their programs with Scientific evidence of performance & development. This is an investment in the players in the program to become all round better more knowledgeable athletes.