2023 EISports 9th Year Travelling to Partners Bundesliga Club 

Borussia Dortmund 09

Having been travelling to BVB09 since 2014 Borussia Dortmund has become home from home for our coaches and players with many players travelling back to Dortmund for a training camp on multiple occasions. This family friendly experience sees players and parents staying in excellent city centre accommodation in Dortmund City while training in their BVB kit with Full Time Professional Dortmund Coaches. 2023 is a very special year as it will be our 9th Year Travelling for Training Camps at the BVB09 Training Facilities and club. Unfortunately due to Covid19 our 2020 trip was moved to 2021 so having returned in April 2022 we have a massive season planned ahead for 2023 with our Partners. This experience is only available to players within our Academy program for season 2022/2023. For details on our academy program please see the tab for EI Soccer.