High Performance Player GPS Analysis

Elite Irish Speed 4 Sport LTD is proud to bring professional affordable Player GPS Analysis to the Irish Market through our GPS Pod Leasing Program. Whether you want to use the GPS Pods for a Series of Up and Coming Games in the GAA Championship or Looking to book them in for the season in the Leinster Senior League, GPS POD leasing is the way to go.

Per Set to buy GPS Pods can cost between €5,000 & €10,000  per set as an upfront order and you get just 1 years warranty with them, instead of that at EISports we own the GPS Pods, you lease them from us, use them in your Training & Games or whatever agreement you seek and then after the game we do all the player analysis for you. Looking at the Latest Data available to measure Performance across a range of Sports from Soccer, GAA, Rugby and Hockey we can benchmark your players against Elite Athletes in their Sport.

POD Leasing costs as little as €5 per Game per Player or €7.50 per week for All Training & Games. So why not avail of having an Analyst support your Team and Player Performance this year.

Measure Key Metrics in a Player Performance from Distance Covered, Sprint Distance, Distance per Minute on the Field. Top Speed, Speed Ranges, Powerplays, Player Loading, Work Ratio, Impacts for G Force Load, Player Heat Maps and much more!